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Abuse of sleeping pills causes dependence, the dose must be increased for the next time, leading to decreased alertness, severe insomnia, even confusion, memory loss …

Since the peak of Covid-19 until now, Mr. Le Van Hoang (43 years old, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City) quit his job at home and suffered from increasingly severe insomnia. To improve, he bought himself an oral sedative. Maintained taking 5-6 months, he discovered that every night to sleep, he had to take medicine. He eats less, he is tired, his concentration and judgment are reduced.

Doctor Hoang Chau Bao Dinh – Department of Neurology, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, said that many people who come to the hospital to check for insomnia share after taking sleeping pills and sedatives for a long time, they feel the body is sluggish, lack of vitality, difficult to control emotions and behaviors. Some people have health problems, mental and physical depression.

Doctor Bao Dinh further shared that the abuse of tranquilizers can lead to drug dependence. As a result, patients must take higher doses to be able to sleep at night. Sedative drugs that depress the central nervous system cause side effects such as daytime sleepiness, decreased alertness, difficulty concentrating, impaired judgment and coordination, and impaired skills. motor. Many people who self-medicate with sleeping pills also experience side effects such as memory loss, confusing them with symptoms of dementia.

Arbitrary use of insomnia drugs makes the disease worse. Image: Shutterstock

“Abuse of tranquilizers can increase the risk of cerebrovascular accident compared with non-drug dependents. The mortality rate in people with myocardial infarction who used sedation before is also higher than in people who do not or rarely taking sleeping pills,” said Doctor Dinh.

According to Doctor Dinh, each class of sedative drugs has its own mechanism of action, so side effects often manifest in a variety of ways. For example, benzodiazepine derivatives can cause confusion, memory loss, blurred vision, hallucinations, hyperactivity, hypotension, and constipation. Antidepressants, H1 antihistamines have the ability to cause dry mouth, urinary retention, orthostatic hypotension, and affect heart rate. Abruptly discontinuing the drug can lead to withdrawal syndrome with manifestations of anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, headache, muscle tremors, even distortion of consciousness, delusions, convulsions, behavioral disorders.

Each patient with insomnia has different causes as well as different treatments. The use of any drug, how long to take the drug, how to gradually reduce the dose to recover symptoms without causing insomnia again … requires the direction and monitoring of the doctor.

When suffering from insomnia, the patient can practice meditation, relax... and visit a doctor.  Photo: Shutterstock

When suffering from insomnia, the patient can practice meditation, relax… and visit a doctor. Image: Shutterstock

Sleep plays an important role in helping to restore brain activity and balance physiological, immune and metabolic factors in the body. Insomnia if not improved early and thoroughly leads to prolonged insomnia. Chronic insomnia increases the risk of stroke, neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, physiological dysfunction, psychological and emotional disorders…

To improve this condition, you should first try applying non-medicated methods such as sleep hygiene, yoga meditation, acupressure, warm foot bath, hot and cold bath, massage. You can prioritize foods rich in brain nutrients such as potassium, calcium, serotonin, tryptophan, vitamin B6. These nutrients are found in bananas, milk, fish, oats, lotus seeds, green beans, and fruits.

People who have trouble sleeping, insomnia should not try to endure or be subjective but need to see a doctor to find out the cause. According to Dr. Bao Dinh, the most important treatment for insomnia is to find the cause to intervene at the root, not treat the symptoms. Insomnia is just one manifestation of an underlying health problem. Therefore, patients should see a specialist for advice and treatment.



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