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Seeing the Indian soldiers in the tricolor in Galvan Valley, China got chilly, know what was said

India China Standoff: On the occasion of New Year’s occasion, the soldiers of the Indian Army hoisted the tricolor in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh, so now China has got chilly. It has been written in the Global Times of China that decision-makers in India should exercise complete strategic restraint. The issues of China need to be handled with a comprehensive mindset. It would be better if Indian politicians do not convert the sweets distributed between the two countries into bullets on the occasion of New Year.

China got chilli on the tricolor in Galwan Valley

Global Times believes that there seems to be a wrong environment towards China in Indian society, cooperating with China is being considered politically wrong. The politics of India has been influenced by America. Some hardline politicians have been throwing mud at Sino-India relations for their political purpose. India’s ambition to become a major power cannot be realized in the midst of anti-China-centric public opinion. It is to be noted that Indian media are often eager to quote the views of the US or the West who take a dig at China. This, to some extent, reinforces the negative perception of China among the Indian elite.

“Real market demands were politically suppressed”

It has been written in the Global Times that China and India can achieve mutual benefit and win-win results without political hindrances. Sino-India trade volume has seen an uptick in 2021, and historically crossed a record US$100 billion in the first 10 months of the year. This indicates that economic and trade cooperation is in line with the genuine demands of both countries. But from India’s announcement to ban Chinese apps from 2020 onwards to the recent sudden probe into several Chinese companies, India’s genuine market demands have been suppressed by its domestic political demands.

“Need to widen the scope of political thought”

Global Times further wrote that India decided to withdraw from RCEP in November 2019 at the final stage of talks which is India’s own choice and we have no basis to criticize it too much. But we would like to say that in the face of the pandemic and the global economy, the spirit of cooperation is especially important. Indian politicians really should not dilute their approach for personal political gains. They shouldn’t even convert “New Year’s sweets” into pills. Due to this, India has more chances of loss than profit. India’s first priority should now be development, not war. However, giving a befitting reply to China’s propaganda on the Galvan Valley, the army personnel have told the enemies that they are always ready to serve the country. But China may not like all this.


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