Security Bootcamp Forum will have the “Information Security Arena” for the first time.

With a human topic, the Security Bootcamp 2020 forum is about to be held in Phu Yen. This year, practice activities will take place for the first time in a new way called “Information Security Arena”.

Helpful playground of information security experts

In 3 days from November 27 to November 29, 2020, the Security Bootcamp 2020 forum will be coordinated by the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) with the Department of Information and Communications of Phu Yen Province and the community of security experts. Bootcamp, held in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province.

Themed “Humans: The humans element of cyber security”, the Security Bootcamp 2020 event is expected by the Organizing Committee to create a useful playground for safety professionals, network security as well as employees. work related to administration and management of network systems of organizations and enterprises.

“Experiences, lessons learned and shared are the most valuable products. Related businesses and organizations will benefit a lot when their employees join the community and these activities, because more or less helps inspire continuous learning and connect with the network of experts ”, Share Organizing Committee.

In the 7th year held, the Security Bootcamp forum is accompanied by many reputable enterprises in the IT and information security fields in Vietnam such as Viettel Cyber ​​Security, VNPT, Mi Mi, Techlab Corporation, CyRadar, Vina. Aspire, HPT … with the response of network security experts from major banks in Vietnam such as VIB, MBBank, SeABank, Techcombank, BIDV …

Every year, the Security Bootcamp forum has an exercise in nature or practice on the basis of practical problems (Artwork)

Under the newly announced plan, this year’s Security Bootcamp will have four main activities: the seminar on the topic “Humans: The humans element of cyber security”; the program “Information Security Arena”, a career program for students in information security and start-up sharing in the IT field; program to visit, connect, exchange with local organizations and businesses.

People are still the decisive factor

Sharing about the reason for choosing the topic “Humans: The humans element of cyber security” for Security Bootcamp 2020, a representative of the Organizing Committee said that humanity is experiencing a period of strong development in the field of information security.

A series of new strategies and approaches to prevent threats in virtual space continuously flood all information channels. New technologies such as artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (Machine Learning) promise to become effective “weapons” against bad actors in virtual space more effectively than ever.

Besides, the constant threats from increasingly accessible and low-cost cyber attack tools have socialized information security crime. People, seemingly, have been forgotten as the main factor in this global war.

Meanwhile, the human factor, or information security experts themselves, is a vital force in the fight against digital threats. There is no doubt that automation is a distant future and our most valuable weapon in the war of information security will always be ourselves.

“As humanity enters the third decade of the 21st century, we – the group of information security experts in Vietnam realize that Security Bootcamp 2020 is a good time and a place to remind ourselves of the message. Therefore, we chose the theme for this year’s program: People (Humans) ”, said a representative of the Organizing Committee.

Talking with ICTnews, VIA Secretary General Vu The Binh emphasized: “Every activity of organizations involves three things: people, processes and tools / technology. No matter how good the following two components are, in the end the role of the human is decisive. In the field of safety, so is network security ”.

With the seminar, according to Mr. Binh, Security Bootcamp 2020 will have new and interesting speeches and shares from experts who have contributed years to the Security Bootcamp event and community. They are the ones who live and respond to events and activities related to safety and cybersecurity every day in their agencies and organizations, so the sharing has a very high practical significance.

In particular, with more information about the program “Information Security Arena”, Mr. Binh said that every year, Security Bootcamp forum has activities of the nature of practice or practice on the basis of practical problems. This year, Security Bootcamp is held in the form of a competition for teams to show off and show off their capabilities and skills in finding vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities as well as investigating traceability when the system is compromised. .

With the “Information Security Arena”, anyone can join and choose their own team. In addition to sharing skills, surely players will also accumulate new knowledge and skills from teams playing with and team of Security Bootcamp experts.

Assessing the work of ensuring network safety and security in Vietnam recently, the General Secretary of the Vietnam Internet Association said that in general the situation has improved significantly, especially for receiving common awareness and concern with information security. A number of State management agencies’ policies have been issued and put into practice, positively contributing to the formation of awareness, habits of care and investment in information security.

In addition, over the past time, many businesses have invested and tried to provide solutions and services to the market, especially domestic enterprises with self-developed products and services. This is the most positive point, when domestic enterprises recognize opportunities and focus on investing in this area.

Van Anh

Six Northern provinces practiced coordination in response to cyberattacks

Six Northern provinces practiced coordination in response to cyberattacks

With the participation of about 300 officers from 6 Northern Departments of Information and Communications, the 2020 incident response rehearsal in the area of ​​Cluster 1 has the theme “Coordinate response to cyber attacks in the region. “.


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