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Secularism: a training plan for teachers put in place at the start of the school year

The Minister of Education announced Monday, June 14 a four-year secularism training plan for all teachers from the start of the September school year, thus following the recommendations of a report by Jean-Pierre Obin.

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“After having read the many recommendations made in this report, Jean-Michel Blanquer announced to Jean-Pierre Obin that he was taking up the main proposals and that he would integrate them into an ambitious initial and continuing training plan, launched at the start of the school year in September and will be rolled out over 4 years ”, wrote the ministry in a press release.

From the start of the school year, “1,000 trainers from all academies and all departments will benefit from reinforced and intensive training (…) This network of trainers will then organize training in each school, college or high school, for all staff, regardless of their status. », Continues the rue de Grenelle. From this summer, the ministry is also talking about a “Common repository of skills and content for secularism training”.

The assassination of Samuel Paty, “a still open wound”

After three months of work with teachers of all levels, school heads, school directors or inspectors, Jean-Pierre Obin notes in his progress report a “Still open wound that still constitutes for teachers the assassination of their colleague Samuel Paty” and “Their fear today in the face of some of their students – or their parents”. He also notes “The intimate suffering that arises from their shame of being afraid and of having sometimes given up reacting to certain words or teaching part of their program”.

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According to the former inspector general of education, ” in the field “, some “Disarray dominates”. “A disarray most often muffled, withdrawn and which is rarely expressed by passionate statements or anger”, underlines Jean-Pierre Obin.

“The teachers questioned ask for consistency, that is to say to hear from their managers and their trainers identical, simple and clear definitions of secularism and the values ​​of the Republic”, explains Jean-Pierre Obin. A new report, setting out the findings of these actions, will be submitted to the Minister of Education ” in December “, according to the former inspector general of education.


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