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Second wave of corona in America, 71 thousand cases occurred in 24 hours, so far two hundred and twenty lakh people died

Washington: Second wave of corona infection has started in America. Once again, the cases of corona infection in the world are increasing rapidly in America. More infections cases are coming from India. In 24 hours 71 thousand new cases came in America, while 65 thousand cases have increased in India. Earlier, most cases of corona infection were seen in India. Not only this, most of the deaths in the world have also occurred in America.

928 people have died in the last 24 hours in the US most affected by Corona. At the same time 886 patients died in India. In the third most affected country of Corona, Brazil has got 30 thousand new corona infected and 716 people have died.

Total infection and mortality
The number of corona virus patients in America increased to 82 lakh 88 thousand by 17 October morning, out of which 2 lakh 23 thousand 644 people have died. More than 74 lakh people have been infected in India and out of these one lakh 13 thousand people have lost their lives. At the same time, the total number of infected people in Brazil is more than 52 lakhs, more than one lakh 53 thousand people have died here.

Active case and recovery rate
54 lakh people have been cured in America so far. There are 26 lakh 69 thousand active cases here, meaning that these people are still infected with the virus. The recovery rate in India is 88 percent, that is, 65 lakh 21 thousand people have been cured out of a total of 74 lakh infected people. There are less than 8 lakh active cases in India, they are being treated in hospital. At the same time, in the third most affected country Brazil, 4 lakh 28 thousand active cases have been done and the number of people recovered is 46 lakh.

The corona infection may be spreading rapidly, but it is no longer fatal. The corona virus that spreads worldwide will soon be eradicated. Scientists of many countries have claimed that this virus is becoming increasingly vulnerable. In the beginning of the epidemic, its infection was as deadly as it is now.

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