Sean Penn in Ukraine: “We walked for miles to the Polish border”

The American actor, who is making a documentary on the war in Ukraine, posted a message on Twitter in which he comments on the difficulties he encounters in moving around the conflict zone.

On February 25, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced via his Instagram account that Sean Penn had attended a press conference of his government. Tuesday, less than a week later, it was the turn of the American actor to publish, this time on the social network Twitter, a message in which he very concisely describes the difficulties he encounters in his travels in Ukraine, more precisely towards the Polish border.

The American filmmaker, who is in this conflict zone surrounded by Russian troops to shoot a documentary on the invasion decided by Vladimir Putin, wrote in this publication accompanied by a photo where we see him dragging a suitcase. “ My two assistants and I walked for miles to the Polish border after leaving our car on the side of the road, he says. Almost all the cars in this photo only carry women and children. We hardly see any luggage, their car ultimately representing only their only valuable asset.»

Despite the escalating war and the danger, Sean Penn therefore continues the filming of this documentary which he had started in November 2021 by meeting with Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region. The American documentary filmmaker’s commitment to the field was already praised last week on the Facebook account of President Zelensky’s services: “Sean Penn shows a courage that is missed by many, and particularly by Western politicians.»


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