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What is the value of the SCOP (cooperative and participatory society) model at the national level? Can it save businesses? Journalist Julien Duponchel takes stock of the 19/20 set, Tuesday, June 22.

According to the figures, seven SCOPs [sociétés coopératives et participatives] out of ten are still active five years after their creation“, explains journalist Julien Duponchel, against six out of ten traditional businesses.”One of the possible explanations can be found in the very statute of these SCOPs: they are indeed obliged to put 15% of their profits in their reserve. Nobody can touch it and that, in times of crisis, it allows to have the kidneys a little more solid “, he adds on the set of 19/20 of France 3, Tuesday June 22.

How many SCOPs are there in France today? In 2020, there were 3,611, representing 67,200 jobs, or 30% more than five years ago. They are found in all sectors of activity, but they are more numerous in the service, construction and industrial trades. And what sizes are these companies? In services, they are sometimes very large: the Up Déjeuner company, which manages lunch vouchers, is a SCOP with 1,500 employees in France.

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