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School bullying: Emmanuel Macron announces new measures

Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday, November 18, new measures to fight against bullying at school, including strengthening parental controls on screens used by children and a new application to help victims denounce the facts.

On the occasion of the day of mobilization Thursday, the Head of State notes that, despite the initiatives taken, “Bullying is still rife at school, on social networks, without leaving any moment of respite to those who are victims”.

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Emmanuel Macron announces that, “In addition to the number 3018 set up, a 3018 app will be launched in February to allow victims and witnesses to send a screenshot of harassment situations so that they are even better supported”. “We are going to strengthen the homes for adolescents, the reception points for young people, the physical places with people who are there to hear and listen everywhere on the territory”, he adds.

Parental controls installed by default

The Head of State also indicates that, to help children “To make better use of networks and digital technology”, “We are going to launch an experiment by issuing a digital awareness certification to 6th year students from the start of the 2022 school year, with the idea, then, of generalizing from the next school year”. At last, “Because this fight is collective, we are going to change the law to improve parental control, making sure that it is installed by default on all phones, computers, tablets used by children, as I announced there two years ago “, he specifies.

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“We can win this fight against harassment by taking our responsibilities, by listening to our children, by relying on the remarkable work that associations do on a daily basis, by relying on the mobilization of National Education which has changed profoundly in recent years, and we are going to accelerate it even further, it is possible ”, assures the president.

Bullying affects nearly one in ten children and can have dramatic consequences, as the suicide of 14-year-old Dinah recalled in October. Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte had discussed it with young victims whom they had invited to the Elysee Palace on November 4.


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