Save your life when your blood pressure drops

As soon as you see signs of a drop in blood pressure, you need to calmly lie down on a flat place, raise your legs, drink sugar water, salt water, and massage your temples.

Doctor Le Quoc Thien Quyen, Department of Cardiology – Geriatrics, Thu Duc District Hospital, said that people with severe hypotension can easily lead to shock, if not promptly ambulance, they can lose their lives.

Correct management of hypotension will help patients recover more quickly and limit accidents and injuries. As soon as you notice the first signs of low blood pressure, patients can save themselves by simply following:

Slowly sit or lie down in a flat place, preferably on a couch or bed and raise your legs up high. Then ask a loved one for help to drink a glass of water that tastes sweet or salty. If not, drink two full glasses of water. The patient should use his hands to rub both sides of the temple until the body recovers.

Although feeling normal, if the patient wants to stand up, he must perform slowly, avoiding the quick action that makes the unstable blood pressure drop again.

In case the patient is accompanied by symptoms such as high fever, poor appetite, confusion, or not feeling better after rest … need to go to the hospital early to be diagnosed and treated promptly. If people with hypotension often have to work at high altitude, or be a driver, a pilot, … need to go to the hospital to examine the cause more carefully.

Taking your blood pressure is an easy way to determine if your blood pressure is low. Image: Letter Anh.

Hypotension, or hypotension, occurs when the blood pressure on the artery walls suddenly falls below normal levels, causing anemia to organs, especially the brain. The disease is a common cause of falls injuries that can occur at any age. Symptoms of the disease may appear suddenly. Most often when the patient changes position suddenly, standing up and sitting down, when it is too hot or working hard, sweating a lot, Dr. Quyen said.

Characteristic signs of a drop in blood pressure include dizziness, lightheadedness, decreased vision, pale skin, nausea, thirst, heart palpitations, cold hands and feet, and more severe fainting.

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