Save 80% on international communication fees with MobiFone

Understanding the increasing demand for international communication during the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, MobiFone operator offers Global Saving VoIP 1313 and TQT HQ1&2 packages with economical costs, stable connection quality and other services. attractive offers.

Save up to 80% on international voice calls

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected all aspects of life, especially in connection and trade. Flights between countries are still limited, the epidemic is still complicated, making it difficult for businesses to meet international partners, and it is difficult for families to visit relatives living abroad.

Especially, by 2020, Vietnam has about 5.3 million people living, studying and working abroad, the Vietnamese community in the world is growing stronger. This shows that people have a great need for communication from Vietnam to other countries, especially during the epidemic situation, this need tends to increase.

The current context has promoted the development of online communication forms or OTT applications such as email, voice call applications, video calls… However, these means all require an internet connection, often unstable when having connection problems or poor security because most of them are free. Therefore, regular voice calls are still the preferred choice of many users.

Understanding this, MobiFone has launched the Global Saving VoIP 1313 package with many cost options to meet the diverse needs of telecommunications service users.

Accordingly, Global Saving VoIP 1313 currently has prices of 19,000 VND for 10 minutes/1 day, 49,000 VND for 40 minutes/7 days, 199,000 VND for 250 minutes/30 days and 299,000 VND for 380 minutes/30 days. Choosing the right cycle for your needs will help users save up to 80% of international voice calls, even cheaper than domestic voice calls.

Not only saving costs, this package is also an effective assistant for businesses with the easy-to-remember 1313 number, quick communication, and the system will automatically disconnect when the package is used up. do not worry about arising and “overspending” freight rates.

In addition, Global Saving VoIP 1313 can be used on any phone, does not require the use of a smartphone or an internet connection, convenient for even the elderly “not connoisseurs” of technology can still easily communicate internationally. Stable call quality, cost saving.

Add a special package for calls to Korea

In particular, MobiFone also offers TQT HQ1&2 package for those who wish to call Korea – where about 200,000 Vietnamese citizens live, study and work, by 2020 (according to the Ambassador) Vietnamese restaurant in Korea).

With only 150,000 VND for TQT HQ1 package, every month users have 60 minutes of calling to landline or mobile subscribers in Korea, 20 minutes of on-net calls and 50 minutes of calling any country for a seamless communication experience. circuit, stable. At the same time, this package also comes with 2GB of data per day, allowing users to “freeze” to surf the web and entertain without worrying about spending money.

Save 80% on international communication fees with MobiFone

If you are a person who needs to communicate to Korea often, the TQT HQ2 package will be the optimal choice for the cost when you only need to spend 250,000 VND/30 days to have 180 minutes to call Korea while the services within Similar countries as TQT HQ1 remain unchanged.

Having a daughter studying abroad in Korea, Ms. Phuong (Hanoi) is currently using the package TQT HQ2 to keep in regular contact with her child. Ms. Phuong shared: “She’s old, so she doesn’t know much about technology or makes calls using apps, so she just calls a regular phone. Thanks to an acquaintance who introduced MobiFone’s TQT HQ2 package, she calls and confides in her daughter in Korea regularly without worrying about spending a lot of money, and the way to use it again is simple and not complicated at all.”

The diversification of international packages and MobiFone’s preferential programs have helped domestic telecommunications service users have more choices with economical fees, simple and suitable methods. with many mobile devices and customers of different ages.

To make international calls with preferential prices from MobiFone, users follow the syntax: 1313 + 00 + country code + area code/network code + recipient’s phone number

In which, “1313” is the access code for VoIP calling service; “00” is the international access code; country code is the country code of the called subscriber number; the country code of the subscriber number; the network code of the subscriber’s mobile operator; and finally the international subscriber number to call.

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