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Saudi Arabia panics over dangerous new type of corona virus in Britain, all flights canceled for a week

The worldwide number of corona infections has reached 71 million 71 million. Meanwhile, the fast-spreading strain of the corona virus in Britain has disturbed the world. Lockdown has been implemented in the UK with strict restrictions due to the sudden rate of infection in the UK. At the same time, many countries have canceled their flights with Britain, including Saudi Arabia.

Saudi canceled flights

In fact, after the Corona virus’s fast-spreading strain surfaced in Britain, Saudi’s official press agency says that the state has suspended all international flights for a week, except in exceptional cases. At present, it can be extended for another week.

Sanctions may increase next week too

Now Saudi Arabia has suspended entry through air and sea ports as well as air travel to prevent corona infection. If the rate of corona infection decreases, it can be removed after one week. If not, the Saudi Arabian administration may extend it for the next week.

Passengers will remain in isolation

It has been made clear by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that all the travelers who have reached Saudi Arabia from Europe in the past. If they are found corona infected, they will be kept in isolation. They will be allowed to go out of isolation only after they are found negative in the corona examination to be repeated after two weeks.

Kuwait also canceled flight service

Like Saudi, neighboring country Kuwait has announced a ban on passenger flights coming from Britain on Sunday due to the new strain of the virus. Currently, Belgium and the Netherlands have also canceled flights due to the fast-spreading strain of Corona virus in Britain.

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