Sarah Snook, Australian National Treasure

PORTRAIT – Prodigal and ambitious daughter of the media mogul in Succession, the Australian actress is one of the revelations of the HBO series. An international consecration for what some see as a new Cate Blanchett.

His defeated face on which surprise, shock, betrayal parade before being recomposed and becoming again indecipherable concludes the sublime twist of cruelty in the final episode of Succession, broadcast mid-December on OCS. And will haunt Roy fans during the long months of waiting for the fourth season.

As Shiv, a rare female figure in the male cenacle of HBO’s fight for the title of heir to a media conglomerate, Sarah Snook immediately caught the light. By her auburn hair. By the deceptive calm and calculating reserve of his character, a time tempted by politics before returning to the family fold, which contrasts with the buffoonish outburst, the fits of rage which are customary for the males of the siblings, Connor, Kendall and Roman, who dream of taking over the reins of the empire from their ruthless father, Logan Roy (Shakespearean Brian Cox).

Inspired by the ascent of the Murdochs or a Sumner Redstone, Succession…

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