Sarah Abitbol: “It’s a magnificent victory! “

The Paris prosecutor’s office announces that an investigation was opened on September 4 for “rape” and “sexual assault” by a person with authority over a minor. This investigation follows the report of the general inspection of the Ministry of Sports implicating about twenty skating coaches. It aims to identify and locate potential victims everywhere in France. Sarah Abitbol, ​​the former skating champion, whose poignant testimony in “The Obs” broke the omerta on sexual violence in sport, reacts to this announcement.

Is this opening of investigation a sacred victory for you?

It is a magnificent victory! I was heard, beyond all my expectations. The ministry had paved the way with its investigation, justice takes over today, and takes note of the extent of the damage. Twenty aggressors! “The Obs” was not mistaken in denouncing a “system” and a culture of rape. The opening of this investigation is a sign that justice has evolved, that victims should no longer be afraid of breaking their silence and going to file a complaint. I spoke too late, the facts are prescribed, I regret it so much! EXCLUSIVE. “You trampled my soul”: the champion Sarah Abitbol tells her hell

Was it another time?

Yes I’m starting to really believe it! Yesterday, you published on the “Obs” site the testimony of Audrey, raped by her horse riding trainer at 14 years old. Seven years ago, his complaint was dismissed. Today, justice is opening an investigation into his case. Well done ! There it is, the change of epoch! Seven years later, society is ready to listen, and justice to do its job.

“He told me it was normal”: the fight of Audrey who accuses her horse riding trainer of rape

I was very moved to read that Audrey had spoken because I had spoken myself. And I am sure that his word will in turn free others. The French Equestrian Federation has certainly not finished with the revelations.

Interview by Emmanuelle Anizon

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