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Sand crisis to the world: It will not be easy to make glass vials for the Kovid vaccine.

Experts warn that the world is facing increasing shortage of sand and less than 1000 mines of sand and gravel have survived in America. After water, sand is the world’s most consumed raw material. It is used in making glass, concrete, asphalt and even silicon microchips.

After the water in the world, now sand will have a problem?

The construction industry alone uses up to 50 billion tonnes of sand a year, and demand is set to increase as the world needs two billion additional glass vials for the Kovid-19 vaccine over the next two years. The ensuing shortage may halt production from everything from smartphones to office buildings. Due to this, there is a danger of delay in the production of millions of glass vials required to carry the corona virus vaccine to the population around the world.

Sand, friable rock, sandstone have been lacking for a decade. Increasing construction work and demand for smartphones, screened technology has fueled the demand. According to a CNBC report, climate scientist Pascal Peduzzi, associated with the United Nations Environment Program, said in a webinar organized on behalf of a think tank, “We just think that sand is everywhere. We never thought we should get sand There will be a shortage, but it is starting to happen in some places. It’s about predicting what might happen in the next decade, or because we don’t think ahead, if we didn’t anticipate it, we should think about sand Not only will you have to face a huge crisis, but you will also have to face a crisis about the planning of the land. “

300 percent jump in demand in last 20 years

In Geneva, Peduzzi said that being nervous will not help, but the time has come to look at and change our understanding of sand. According to the United Nations Environment Program, about 40 to 50 billion metric tons of sand are used every year only in the construction industry. There has been a jump of 300 percent in the last 20 years. A report has stated that these trends are expected to continue as demand is still increasing due to urbanization, population growth and infrastructure development.

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