Samsung WindFreeTM scores with smart air conditioning technology

Technology helps to ensure user’s health

Bringing many conveniences, but using air conditioners for a long time still brings some concerns to users because of the risk of respiratory diseases caused by direct cold winds, mold, bacteria that accumulate for a long time in enclosed spaces. cause. In the context of increasing quality of life, consumers are increasingly interested in health, improving air conditioning technology to solve the concerns of families is not only a strategic direction, but also a strategic direction. It is also the responsibility of the brands.

Always pioneering to offer technologies aimed at solving consumer concerns, Samsung has constantly researched and created outstanding new technologies. WindFreeTM technology is the “bright star” among them.

As an exclusive air conditioning technology from Samsung, WindFreeTM brings a breakthrough in the field of air conditioning with the ability to instantly cool without direct wind blowing, in order to protect users’ health completely. face. With the mechanism of emitting cold air evenly throughout the nooks and crannies through 23,000 tiny holes arranged evenly throughout the body, users will enjoy a gentle, quiet breeze with the desired temperature without worrying about the cold. frost hits directly in a certain direction. This feature will help users limit colds and heat shock when going in and out of the air-conditioned space in hot weather, especially for the elderly and young children.

Air conditioners with integrated air filtration are no longer new on the market. But the air conditioner has a super dust filter, capable of filtering fine dust up to PM 1.0 and antibacterial up to 99%, promising to be a perfect new choice for the health of every family. Samsung WindFreeTM is also equipped with the exclusive TriCare filter, the pride of the new generation of Samsung air conditioners. Possessing 3 layers of high-density filtration with a special Zeolite coating, TriCare also eliminates 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and allergens with an efficiency that has been measured and certified by the organization. International Intertek and ITEA.

A worry-free experience with Samsung air conditioners

For a different user experience, Samsung WindFree also integrates intelligent AI Auto Cooling technology, which automatically optimizes healthy airflow based on analyzing user habits, from operating time, The temperature is pre-set to the actual temperature outside and inside the room, etc. As a result, users can both save time adjusting the modes to achieve the desired temperature and save on energy costs. do not have to manipulate too much on the device.

Smart, thrifty

Air conditioners have always been in the top of the most power-hungry devices in the house, especially in the hot season. Both versatile and convenient, the new generation air conditioners are even more likely to make consumers afraid of power consumption. However, the reality is completely opposite with Samsung Windfree.

Save energy for hot summer days

The presence of Digital Inverter Boost technology – an upgraded version of Digital Inverter – will solve the worry of electricity bills by combining with WindFree technology and AI Auto Cooling technology to save energy effectively up to 77%. As a result, all family members can enjoy the cool, fresh air without anyone having to “sneakly” get up in the middle of the night to turn off the air conditioner or be startled to see the electricity bill rising every day. month.

The design of the air conditioner ensures the aesthetic factor

Today, smart technology items not only bring convenience and comfort to users, but also contribute to beautifying the modern and comfortable living space of homeowners. Samsung Windfree air conditioner with modern and luxurious design is an indispensable technology item to enhance the lifestyle of your family.

Modern design for any interior space

With the mechanism of eliminating the heavy traditional wind blades, replacing them with tens of thousands of tiny holes on the surface of the machine, Samsung Windfree is an outstanding and breakthrough technology in the air conditioning industry. The design promotes aesthetics with soft corners to create sophistication and elegance when placed in any space. In addition to the impressive visual experience, Samsung Windfree also helps minimize noise, bringing a pleasant quiet atmosphere to the home’s living space.

Modern life often goes hand-in-hand with worries about “damage to electricity”, or worries about health, but with pioneering technology for users from Samsung, enjoying smart experiences has never been complete, comfortable and easy. so easy.

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