Samsung Galaxy A32 – extreme smartphone for young people

Although it is a standard version of the Galaxy A series 2021, the rookie Galaxy A32 still possesses advanced technology enough to meet the daily tasks of young users.

A more seamless, ‘eye-catching’ entertainment experience

The highlight of this year’s Galaxy A32 version is the durable battery. With a capacity of 5,000mAh, users can experience many games continuously for at least 3 hours without needing to charge the battery.

Under Game Mode, Galaxy A32 is also optimized for background applications, increasing the entertainment experience for users. Moreover, thanks to the built-in 15W fast charging, users can quickly rejoin the fun with friends in no time so as not to miss any fun moments with friends.

In addition to the battery, the integration of the brilliant Super Amoled FHD + overflow screen, with a 90Hz refresh rate, turns the Galaxy A32 into a “extreme” gaming device for young people. In particular, in the game Lien Quan or Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG, the movement is smooth, the frame moves quickly, but does not create a “ghost” effect to help track the opponent’s movement or aim back. should be easy, giving the user great advantage in decisive moments.

In addition, the smooth moving frame at FHD resolution also helps users to watch blockbuster movies with more high-speed action. With 800nit brightness, users can completely use it in the hot sun and still can see sharp and clear content.

Samsung Galaxy A32 - extreme smartphone for young people

Experience new, more interesting images

The second highlight on the Galaxy A32 is a set of 4 cameras with an upgraded 64MP sensor for clear, sharp images even in low light conditions and comes with many unique artistic photography modes for people. use. The device can satisfy all styles of content creation according to the latest trends of the community.

With the new 4-camera set, users can take detailed Macro photos of small objects at a distance of 3 – 5cm, take panoramas while traveling with the 123-degree wide-angle camera or take portrait photos with The effect of removing fonts is full of art thanks to the depth-measuring camera.

The image quality of the Galaxy A32 still shows that this is a valuable mid-range smartphone for young people who like to create content through images / videos.

Samsung Galaxy A32 - extreme smartphone for young people
Samsung Galaxy A32 - extreme smartphone for young people

To enhance the ability to create content anytime, anywhere for young people, Galaxy A32 integrates a 20MP front camera equipped with a mode to remove fonts and smart beautify with unique natural filters (Filter), helping people. Use to easily record the best moments of yourself with your friends.

Furthermore, the Galaxy A32 also takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized virtual reality (AR emoji) emojis. In addition, the one-touch shooting mode (Single Take) offers beautiful and novel image choices, helping each frame to deliver the desired product and positive energy for both users and viewers.

Attractive, eye-catching design

This year’s design of the Galaxy A series 2021 has a sharp change, the first is that the back is switched to a glossy reinforced poly resin glass. The camera cluster is optimized to almost sink on the back, creating a feeling of seamless, no longer rugged.

The unique metal frame is retained, elegantly rounded with a thinness of only 8.4mm, embracing the 6.4 ”bezel-less screen, creating a comfortable feeling to hold, while increasing aesthetics and product strength.

Currently, Galaxy A32 has 4 colors that catch the new trend, including Black personality, dynamic white, creative blue, trendy purple. This color gamut was developed by Samsung based on today’s youth outfit color style, each color not only brings freshness but also matches the favorite outfit color, so that users can themselves. by easily coordinating with technology equipment.

Samsung Galaxy A32 - extreme smartphone for young people

With a suggested retail price of 6,690,000 VND for the LTE version of 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM, Galaxy A32 can be considered as a worthwhile mid-range smartphone for young users to make the most of new technologies including 64MP camera, 6.4 ”Amoled 90Hz screen and durable 5,000mAh battery for 2 days of continuous use.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G version will also be released by Samsung in the near future, with support for super-speed 5G connection, users can also enjoy new data technology, help entertainment experience. interrupted at high quality.

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