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Samosas and other snacks were being made in the toilet for 30 years, the restaurant was sealed

Restaurant Closed in UAE: Desi Snacks Samosas are generally available not only in your country but also in many other countries. People going to other countries also like to eat it. If you are also crazy about samosas and eat it with great fervor, then there is also a need to be a little alert and look around. If you can find out about the samosa that you are eating, where it is being made and how it is being made, then definitely find out. Actually, a case has come to the fore in Saudi Arabia which is surprising as well as alerts people. According to the report, a restaurant in Saudi Arabia was preparing samosas and other snacks in the toilet for 30 years. The restaurant has been closed after the matter came to light.

Jeddah city event

According to the report, this restaurant is located in Jeddah city. Jeddah Municipal Corporation says that they had received information that a restaurant was running in the residential building and in which the goods were made in the toilet. After this information, the team reached the spot and after checking, it turned out to be true. After that the team closed it.

on more rules

The team came to know during the raid that every food, snacks and samosas were prepared in the washroom itself. Food items like meat and cheese used in making snacks also got expired. There were many items whose expiry date has passed 2 years ago. The team also found insects and cockroaches in the washroom where the goods were prepared.

Don’t worry about the restaurant staff

The team came to know during the investigation that none of the employees working in this restaurant even have a health card. This is the second incident of closure of a restaurant in Saudi Arabia due to the unsanitary environment. Apart from this, another restaurant in Jeddah was closed 4 months ago.

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