Samfan eagerly awaits the new generation Galaxy S

With predictions and leaked images of the first Galaxy S with Note experience, fans are expecting and looking forward to the Galaxy S and S-Pen super products in Samsung’s first Unpacked event in 2022. .

“Most Remarkable S Series Device”

Galaxy Note is a special product line that has always been attached to smartphone users who love technology for more than 10 years. When the sudden absence of the Galaxy Note in 2021 made many fans “stand still”, the last Note that Samsung introduced was the Galaxy Note20 launched more than a year ago in August 2020. Therefore, when Unpacked 2022 was announced along with rumors about a special Galaxy generation, many fans believed in the return of the Galaxy Note.

Mr. TM Roh – President and Director of Mobile Experience Division of Samsung revealed, at Unpacked 2022, the company will introduce “the most remarkable S-series device they have ever created”.

Roh added that the device will also help users own and dominate the dark, providing the “best and brightest” photos and videos at night, stressing that users should be ready for the “Ultra experience” unprecedented heights.” Samsung also posted two teaser videos about the Galaxy that will be launched at the event on February 9.

The “hidden” of a device with the typical design of the Galaxy Note makes technology fans boil

In the latest video, the image of two Galaxy phones spinning together on the water symbolizes the parallel and common pair of the special number 22 associated with the birth of the Galaxy duo in 2022. Notably, from In the video we can see that the device on the right has a more square design, different from the design language of the S series and completely coincides with recent Galaxy Notes.

The upgrades are worth waiting for

Besides, the real sign of the Note series’ return is shown in the rumors that have appeared in the fan community about the fact that this Galaxy, in addition to the modern square design, will have an integrated S-Pen compartment right inside. The device resembles previous generations of Galaxy Note.

This year’s S-Pen is also said to have improved latency to enhance the user experience. The “divine” S-Pen is now rumored to be even more “divine” through significantly reducing latency compared to the Note 20, and can also be many times faster than the S- Pen on S21 Ultra.

Samfan eagerly awaits the new generation Galaxy S

Galaxy S22 will conquer new challenges, especially in the dark

In the other video, very similar to the words shared by Mr. TM Roh, the new smartphone carries the message “Breaking the darkness – breaking the law of light”. The Galaxy S22 Series is “treaked” with the ability to bring a breakthrough photography experience, especially the ability to shoot at night, improving the only point that the Note often seems to be somewhat inferior to the S series.

According to leaked information, the main camera of this year’s S22 Ultra model is expected to have the largest resolution of up to 108 MP with advanced OIS optical image stabilization, 12 MP super wide-angle camera, the duo 10 MP telephoto camera that supports 3x and 10x optical zoom. With 40 MP selfie camera.

Not only will there be a strong upgrade in camera, the Galaxy S22 series carrying “Note DNA” this time will also be equipped with the most advanced and powerful processors today. Developing and upgrading to the chip line on the 4nm process will help boost processing performance, quickly complete all the heaviest tasks from work to games while saving performance. Upgrade work performance while ensuring long battery life, especially in line with the current trend of working on phones.

Samfan eagerly awaits the new generation Galaxy S

All the cutting edge technology that is expected to appear in the return of the Galaxy Note smartphone king this time is really worth looking forward to! If you are a technology enthusiast, or simply want an “all-powerful” smartphone to entertain and handle work; Don’t miss the Unpacked 2022 event taking place at 22:00 on the upcoming 9/2/2022:

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