Same decor, same story, the strange coincidences between Luc Besson’s film and that of a stranger

A Twitter user remarks that the director was heavily inspired by his short film shot on the set ofArthur and the Minimoys for his new horror feature film.

On Wednesday June 29, the new feature film by Luc Besson was released in theaters. In this horror film, called Arthur, Curseteenagers, fans of the trilogy Arthur and the Invisiblesfind themselves trapped in the house where the films of their childhood were shot.

On his site, AlloCiné explains that the scriptwriter and producer was inspired for the screenplay of the film, shot in found footage (literally “found recording”), “many urbex (urban exploration) videos of fans going to see the filming locations ofArthur and the Invisibles»

But Arthur Reudet, alias Orbetch on social networks, accuses, not without a touch of humor, the French director of being strongly inspired by his short film, shot on the sets of the original trilogy five years ago. “Funny to see my short turned into a film a few years later, I would have liked at least to be offered to bring the sandwiches to the team”, he wrote on Twitter.

This is by watching the trailer ofCurse Arthur that Arthur Reudet noticed the similarities between Luc Besson’s feature film and his seven-minute film, whose cast also includes Shanna Besson, one of the daughters of the director of Fifth element. Arthur Reudet mentions in particular “the last seconds of the trailer” ofCurse Arthur.

As a reminder, in 2016, Luc Besson was ordered to pay $465,000 in damages to John Carpenter, his co-screenwriter and Studiocanal for “counterfeit” of New York 1997 in the movie Lockoutreleased in 2012.


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