Samara Weaving plays Napoleon’s sister-in-law in a biopic on her American life

The star of Ready or Not will play the main role of this feature film in costume baptized Liz, which seeks to retrace the course of this personality of the American good society of the XIXth century.

According to the magazine Variety , Australian comedian Samara Weaving, has been cast as Elizabeth Patterson-Bonaparte, socialite and forgotten founding mother of the United States under President Jefferson, in a biopic named Liz. The actress was particularly well known after her role in the black comedy Ready or Not, a commercial success that grossed $ 57 million.

The American branch of Bonaparte

Liz traces the story of the first wife of Napoleon’s youngest brother. Daughter of a wealthy Baltimore businessman, she married Jérôme Bonaparte in 1803 but her marriage was subsequently canceled by the Emperor of the French, who wished to use members of the imperial family to forge links with the old European aristocracy. Mother of a little Jérôme-Napoleon Bonaparte at the time of her separation, Elizabeth returned to the United States humiliated but her return marked the beginning of her real reign. Renowned for her beauty and her wit, she became one of the essential figures in American social life. His grandson, Charles Joseph Bonaparte-Patterson would later become Secretary of the Navy under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, then Attorney General of the United States.

Outraged Ready or Not, Samara Weaving played, in particular, in the series SMILF and horror films Three Billboards: The Vengeance Panels and The Babysitter. Based on a screenplay by Gabriel Neustadt, Liz will be directed by Adam Leon, director of the romantic drama Tramps and independent comedy Gimme the Loot. His next film, Italian Studies with Vanessa Kirby, is scheduled for 2021.

Always according to Variety, the biopic promises a realization in the sauce of Bridgerton Chronicles or from Great. It will be produced by 3311 Productions, the studio behind The Assistant and Brigsby Bear. The production company has not yet announced a schedule for the filming or release of the film.


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