Sales records for Lego

The Lego toy brand has released its results and is breaking sales records. The crisis obviously benefits him. Why ? The eco decryption of Fanny Guinochet.

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The king of bricks and construction toys saw his sales soar during the first lockdown – stuck at home, we had bought a lot of Lego all over the planet. But the brand is doing even better this first half of 2021. Its turnover has jumped 46%, to exceed three billion euros. The family group has benefited from the recovery in China where the brand has not stopped opening stores: Lego has 300, out of the 737 stores it has worldwide.

But Lego also owes its success to its new licenses and innovations.
Like the launch of the Super Mario range, in partnership with Nintendo, which combines physical play and online play. It is among the bestsellers of the group with Lego Technic, Lego Star Wars … In fact, Lego has broadened its audience a lot to teenage players.

After video games, the brand has also entered the music segment with the launch this year of VIDIYO in partnership with Universal Music: with boxes of small figurines and bricks of the brand, the player can make clips online. Among the novelties, there is also Lego Arts, which allows to recreate paintings or famous images like creations of Andy Warhol. A bit like puzzles but in Lego. And to meet the increasingly strong ecological expectations of its customers, the group is trying to free itself from plastic. He also works on bricks made from recycled bottles, or on bricks made from sugar cane.

No supply problems for Lego: the brand has factories in Europe – in Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic – but also a factory in China for the Asian market, and another in Mexico to serve the Americas. It can therefore produce as close as possible to its buyers. On the other hand, it suffers, like its competitors, from the rise in the cost of raw materials. For now the brand has promised not to increase its prices. But Lego still anticipates a slowdown in sales: after the boom in recent months, it expects a return to normal and smaller purchases.

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