Salaries of big bosses: why did the leaders of the CAC 40 earn more in 2021?


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On the set of 19/20, Thursday April 21, journalist David Boéri explains the reasons for the increase in the salaries of the bosses of the CAC 40, which have almost doubled in one year.

In 2021, the salaries of CAC 40 bosses have practically doubled. “For example, at Danone, Antoine de Saint-Affrique, the new general manager, received 1.4 million euros, which is 40% more fixed salary than the former CEO.“, indicates the journalist David Boéri, present on the set of 19/20, Thursday April 21. The bonuses received by the bosses also drive up wages, as for Carlos Tavares (Stellantis). “He received an exceptional bonus of 1.7 million euros for having succeeded in his mission of the year“, continues the journalist.

Leaders are also paid in part in shares, and earn more when prices rise. “Daniel Julien, the founding CEO of Teleperformance, the world leader in call centers, has thus won nearly 18 million euros with the distribution of shares“, specifies Daniel Boéri. The average remuneration of the bosses of the CAC 40 has increased by 93% in one year, going from 4.5 million euros to 8.7 million euros.

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