Saigon people turn to shopping for Tet online

From the offering tray to the clothes and household items, many people in Ho Chi Minh City all sit at home ordering online.

This year, Ms. Thanh Loan (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) is living, so all shopping is assigned to her husband. Loan’s husband works until the 29th of the Lunar New Year, so all goods for Tet preparations are bought online.

“My husband buys everything online, from the smallest non-slip carpets, kitchen towels, detergents, cleaning water, to food. It can be said that online “saved” my husband at this stage, “said Loan happily.

E-commerce platforms deliver goods through Tet. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Meanwhile, the Tet vegetarian tray of Mrs. D. (Binh Chanh) does not take much effort in cooking. Ms. Da (old District 2) also buys many things from afar for Tet.

“Near Tet, every day dozens of deliveries to home”, said Loan. While shopping for new home appliances, Tet decorations, and needing utensils for her new baby, Loan’s family keeps listening to the phone from the shipper.

Mrs. D. lives in Ho Chi Minh City with her younger sister, and her parents have settled abroad, so the celebration of Tet is simple, depending on the wishes of the two sisters. This year, Mrs. D. offered vegetarian food. “All of the decks are ordered through the application. Not cooking at all ”, Ms. D. shared.

Ms. Da is a believer who buys online. Before Tet, she had fully purchased for the whole family. Except for the food she had to go to the supermarket, her clothes, cosmetics, and supplies were all bought online.

This year, for the first time celebrating Tet in Saigon due to the gap in her hometown, Ms. Da was also busy with year-end shopping. There is a supermarket downstairs so she often buys things at the supermarket. However, some unique and strange dishes still have to buy online.

“Like a banh chung using rice from a family shop I ordered from a shop specializing in selling flowers, fruits, and specialty foods on social networks,” said Ms. Da.

Ten years before the first baby was born, her husband Loan had to struggle with shopping quite hard. But things are so much easier now.

Her family often goes to Tiki to buy books, to Shopee to buy sundries, to Lazada to buy goods from overseas. “Like the teapot from Tu Sa my family also bought from abroad, the ship is also very fast,” the mother of two shared.

Buying items online is very diverse. Sitting at home, Ms. Loan bought the betel leaves and delivered to the place. Betel leaves are used by this mother for the baby to bathe, relax, and also for a tray to worship betel and areca on Tet.

This year, platforms such as Shopee, Tiki deliver goods throughout Tet in some big cities and provinces. This facilitates many buyers to buy goods in a hurry.

Ms. Uyen (Tan Phu), when she left Saigon to return to her hometown for Tet, suddenly remembered that cat food at home had run out. She immediately ordered fast delivery during Tet to the security gate of the apartment. She asked a familiar guard to bring extra food for the cat who was alone on the 16th floor apartment.

Since before Tet, many e-commerce platforms have forecast an increase in shopping demand at the end of the year, so they have prepared quite carefully.

Mr. Ngo Hoang Gia Khanh, Deputy General Director of Enterprise Development at Tiki, forecasts that Tan Suu Tet sales will increase 70% over the same period. This is due to the strong increase in shopping demand during the traditional New Year, together with the epidemic situation, which makes traveling limited.

Lazada also forecasts similarly, and affirms that the grocery, home, electronics, and health and beauty industries will have increased purchasing power.

In consumer goods, Tiki said it has increased at least 30% of the supply of goods compared to the Tet holiday last year. At the same time, the floor also cooperates with sellers to prepare goods for Tet from 3 months ago, from the production and import of food products, fashion, jewelry …, to design and packaging production. New, gift baskets bring Tet atmosphere as well as ensure price stability.

In the fresh category, fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, processed foods, to frozen foods, dried foods … are combined with large sellers for storage and preservation. management.

For the electronics – refrigeration industry, in addition to product preparation in the low-end to high-end segments, this platform extends scheduled delivery and installation services to 10pm a day, meeting demand. year-end bridge.


Tiki, Lazada, Shopee were busy preparing for their Tet shopping

Tiki, Lazada, Shopee were busy preparing for the Tet shopping

Preparing for the last purchase of the year, all major e-commerce platforms have increased their goods, optimized their logistics, and even delivered through Tet.


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