Saigon people drink online to relieve stress during the epidemic season

To relieve the desire to see friends while Saigon is away, many people choose to sit at home and “cry” from afar.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Dong, a photographer in Ho Chi Minh City, said he started drinking online in recent weeks. He has about 3-4 groups to gather, on average each group has drunk a few times.

Meanwhile, Ly Na, the owner of a small media business in Phu Nhuan, has been drinking with friends online since June. Up to now, she regularly toasts glasses from afar with groups several times a week. .

Mr. Huu D., who works at a research institute, has also held overtime meetings via smartphone with a group of friends from the same agency with 2 bottles of beer/time in recent weeks.

Ly Na’s online drinking table. (Photo: NVCC)

“My joggers usually do sports and make a few beers on the weekend. For the past few months, we have been practicing at home, but we can’t sit together anymore. Recently, I was craving for a drink, so I decided to drink from afar, “said Hai Dong.

To drink through the screen, each person will prepare snacks and drinks at home. Anyone can drink whatever they like. Then, people video call each other through an online platform like Zoom, Google Meet. People also chat, “1 2 3 zoo” like when sitting at the same table at the bar.

Mr. Dong has about 3 groups of friends: a photography group, a jogging group, and a group of media friends – used to drink together like this.

“Sitting and talking with each other, even through the screen, also reduces stress during this period, especially for single people or anchored people. Talking to each other’s faces is also more exciting, less negative news is shared like when chatting through chat”, the photographer confided.

Ly Na is alone. She started drinking online in June. At that time, a group of friends who had not seen each other for a long time wanted to update the situation, so they invited each other to video call to chat. “We played and sang cai luong to each other, just like the previous drinking sessions. It’s just that now we look at each other through a laptop,” said Na.

Since then, Ms. Na has gotten used to meeting friends through the screen, chatting happily, who has beer and drinks beer, who likes soft drinks and drinks soft drinks.

“Drink online has many advantages. You just need to send a link and that person can access it no matter where they are. A link connecting the world,” said Na with a smile.

Drinking at home has many advantages. Na does not have to drive, does not have to worry about friends when they go home too drunk. You don’t have to worry about getting on a taxi or not, don’t worry about where the driver will take you. In addition, drinking from such a distance does not force anyone, who drinks what, how much to drink depends on their ability.

Not to mention, people can call each other very quickly, without fear of traffic jams or busyness. Those who want to participate just need a phone and a story to tell, or simply want to meet friends for a long time.

Mr. D. work in a state agency. His agency divided into two independent groups, one to go to the office, the other to work from home to avoid infection. After working hours, people sometimes meet for a few drinks after work, just “eight” and exchange work between groups. All done via software on the phone.

According to Mr. Dong, drinking online is quite convenient because people can both work and participate. Someone sat drinking next to 3 screens, doing and talking while typing. Some people carry their phones back and forth in the house “talking” with everyone. Someone left that phone and took advantage of… receiving goods online.

However, drinking online of course has certain limitations. “I still like the jingle of glasses, the excitement around, the variety of food in the restaurant,” admitted the photographer.

For Ms. Na, drinking from such a distance is not able to look closely at the mood of her friends to adjust her behavior. This type of drink also makes it difficult to connect with new friends. In particular, some people are not tech-savvy, so they can’t connect quickly.

“Especially, drinking directly can be divided into groups to exchange. When I talk to one person, the other person talks to their friend. As for drinking through the app, one person will finish speaking before another person talks, and talking at the same time is confusing,” said the owner of the media company.

With Ms. Na, when drinking at home, you can freely design the sitting space to drink, without having to put on makeup or “dress up” anything. Many of her friends also like this form of entertainment and said they will continue to maintain it even after the epidemic.

However, Mr. Hai Dong affirmed that the solution of drinking through the screen only solves a temporary desire, helping people relieve stress when staying at home for too long.

“After the translation, there will be no more drinking like this. Anyway, being on the street, sitting face to face with each other only once or twice a year is still preferable to looking at each other through the screen”, Mr. Dong explained.


Saigon is deserted on the weekend morning under the smartphone lens

Saigon is deserted on the weekend morning under the smartphone lens

When Ho Chi Minh City tightens the distance and moves between districts, the streets in many places are much more deserted than a normal weekend.


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