SACD denounces Eric Zemmour’s “contempt” for artists and copyright

“We cannot claim to represent the French without respecting their most essential rights, considers the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers.

Critics have been coming from all sides since the broadcast of Eric Zemmour’s campaign clip on Tuesday. The candidate is notably accused of having used extracts from films or videos, without the authorization of their creators. The Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD) cracked a press release Wednesday, December 1 denouncing “contempt” demonstrated by the candidate vis-à-vis professionals and artists.

“We cannot claim to represent the French without respecting their most essential rights, without respecting them. One cannot declare oneself a patriot by starting by flouting the essential principles of French copyright ”, estimates the SACD. Which underlines the accumulation of“Infringements of the rights of many creators” content uploaded on Tuesday, November 30. “No prior authorization was requested, continues the courier. The authors are not cited, the sources are not presented, the extracts are used for electoral propaganda purposes… The moral rights of each author are unacceptably violated. ” Among the excerpts used in the clip, we find works by Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Claude Sautet, Jean-Loup Dabadie, Michelangelo Antonioni, Marcel Carné, Jacques Prévert, Henri Verneuil, Luc Besson, Claude Lelouch, Robert Hossein and Georges Méliès.

The SACD announces that it will be held “Alongside each author, each beneficiary who will, in this context, seek to assert their rights” and that she “Can not in fact tolerate such violations of copyright, even more on the part of a personality claiming to the highest offices of the State”, recalling that “The exercise of the State implies in particular exemplarity, virtue, respect for the French and for the law”.

Eric Zemmour’s candidacy video is not the only content to arouse the wrath of the artistic community. Singer Woodkid has announced that he will take legal action against a small group supporting the candidate after the broadcast of“A propaganda video” in which one of its pieces is used. The clip has since been deleted from social networks.


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