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S. Jaishankar met the President of France in the midst of Russia-Ukraine crisis, talks on these issues

India’s Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar has met French President Emmanuel Macron amid the ever-increasing threat of war between Ukraine and Russia. The Foreign Minister informed by tweeting that in this meeting he has discussed with the President the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Indo-Pacific mutual cooperation, strengthening diplomatic, economic and defense ties between India and France.

Significantly, India praised Macron’s efforts to reduce tension in Eastern Europe. Earlier, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said India’s relations with France are based on trust and a relationship that has been free from sudden changes seen in other matters.

Countries not caught in the competition of power

Addressing a think-tank in Paris, Jaishankar said that India and France intend to create better alternatives for countries in the Indo-Pacific region and make them sovereign and should never be subjected to any domination or subjugation. The power of this versus that should be implicated in the competition.

He said India sees France as an important partner in the defense and industry sectors and is exploring “ambitious ideas” for cooperative defense ventures in India that will support common interests in the Indo-Pacific as well. .

France is a trusted partner

The External Affairs Minister said that India sees France as a trusted partner to deal with security challenges ranging from maritime domain to space and cyber to oceans. He said at the ‘French Institute of International Relations’ on Tuesday, “India’s relations with France are growing steadily, going through the turmoil of our era. It is a relationship that is free from the sudden changes that we have seen many times in other cases.

Mutual confidence in the relationship between France and India

Jaishankar said, “There is a great sense of trust and self-confidence in relationships in India. It benefits from a firm political consensus on its importance. I think we have seen the same thing in France too. “We have seen this, for example, when it comes to complex issues like India’s place in the global nuclear system,” he said.

France has played a big role in making India nuclear power

Jaishankar said that France has had a significant influence in the development of India’s strategic thinking, especially in the practice of its nuclear power. He said France was instrumental in getting India exempted from the Nuclear Suppliers Group in 2008 to restore international cooperation in civil nuclear energy.

Referring to the Indo-Pacific region, Jaishankar said that developments there will have a direct impact on the world including Europe. “The credibility of the rules-based system and the effectiveness of the international system are at stake. India is at the strategic center of the region. France represents its two ends with the wider EEZ (Special Economic Zone).

India wants industrial self-reliance in defense sector

The External Affairs Minister said that India sees France as a living power in the Indo-Pacific region. “We both call for a free, open and inclusive region. We have many, many interconnected partnerships with a positive agenda for stability and security in the region and for meeting challenges.

Describing France as an “important bridge” to connect India with the European Union, Jaishankar said cooperation from France is expected today to initiate dialogue between India and the European Union on trade and investment. He said that France is one of the countries with which India wants to make industrial self-reliance in the defense sector on a priority basis.

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