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Russia’s ‘Uncle Vanya’ will apply ‘chilli’ to McDonald’s of America, many outlets will open soon

Russia Ukraine Conflict: While attacking Russia on Ukraine, America and its allies started imposing sanctions on Russia. Russia was pulled out of the SWIFT system, and a number of trade sanctions were imposed on it. After this, many big companies also withdrew their work from Russia, imposing sanctions. These big companies also include Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple, KFC and McDonald’s. Russian companies are launching their products as an alternative to them. Now in this episode, a Russian company has also made an alternative to McDonald’s. These days there is a lot of discussion about this option.

logo same as mcdonald’s

According to the report, a patent lawyer from Moscow has applied for a logo named ‘Uncle Vanya’ in the past. This logo looks very similar to McDonald’s in appearance. If you look at it carefully, there is a slight difference in it. This difference is ‘Uncle Vanya’ is written under the logo.

McDonald’s closes 850 outlets in Russia

Let us tell you that McDonald’s is an American company. It announced on March 8 that it would close 850 of its outlets in Russia in protest of the war. The leaders of Russia also reacted strongly to this decision. Russian State Duma President Vyacheslav Volodin said in parliament last week that, ‘McDonald’s has announced the closure of its outlets in Russia, it is better that they close their business here.’ He further said that tomorrow, of course, McDonald’s will not be there, but ‘Uncle Vanya’ will definitely be there.

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