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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin may resign next year due to serious illness – report

Moscow: President Vladimir Putin, who has been in power in Russia for nearly 21 years, may resign from his post next year. A report is claiming that Vladimir Putin has severe Parkinson’s disease. It is being told that Putin’s 37-year-old girlfriend Elena Kabeva and her two daughters, 35-year-old Maria Vortsova and 34-year-old Katerina Tikhonova, are pressurizing him to step down as president.

Putin can hand over power in January

Moscow political scientist Valeri Solovey has said that Putin can hand over power to someone else in January next year. He said that Putin may be battling Parkinson’s and recent footage showed signs of his illness.

Putin was seen constantly shaking his feet in the video footage

Recently, some video footage of Putin surfaced, claiming that Putin was recently seen shaking his legs constantly. In this footage, Putin also appeared to be licking his fingers. In addition, he also held a cup in his hand, which contained some medicines.

Putin was elected President of Russia for the fourth time in 2018

Let us know that Putin was elected President of Russia for the fourth time in the year 2018. He has been in power since 1999. After the completion of his fourth term, Putin cannot contest the presidential election in 2024 due to constitutional obligations. The term of the President in Russia was 4 years. But later the tenure was increased to 6 years.

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