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Russia’s President Putin claims – Ukraine is not serious about talks to end the war

Putin’s Allegation On Ukraine: Russian President Vladimir Putin told French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday that the West should stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, the Kremlin said. Putin accused Kyiv of not negotiating seriously to end the conflict. Accusing Ukrainian forces of committing war crimes and claiming the EU was “ignoring” them, Putin told Macron to “stop these atrocities by putting the necessary pressure on the West Kyiv authorities, as well as withholding arms supplies to Ukraine.” can help prevent that.”

Putin also said that Kyiv was not ready for “serious work” on ending the conflict. According to a Kremlin readout, the Russian leader told Macron, “The Russian side is still ready for talks.” According to the Kremlin, Macron said that global food security is at risk because of the Ukraine conflict. The Kremlin said Putin linked the situation to Western sanctions against Russia and “noted the importance of the smooth functioning of the global logistics and transport infrastructure”.

Macron has been talking to Putin since the start of the war
Macron is one of the few Western leaders to speak to Putin since Moscow moved troops to Ukraine on February 24, as they discuss telephone calls in an attempt to negotiate a resolution to the conflict.

Russia targets logistics center
Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Russia had targeted a logistics center located at a military airfield near Odessa, Ukraine, with its high-precision missiles. The Russian Defense Ministry says that this logistics center was being used for the delivery of weapons given by the West to Kyiv. “The hangars containing the unmanned Bayraktar TB2 drone as well as missiles, arms and ammunition from the US and European countries were destroyed,” the statement said.

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