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Russian President Putin ready for talks with Ukraine, Zelensky proposed

Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to hold talks with Ukraine. China has given this information. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said, ‘President Xi Jinping has spoken to Putin on the phone. Putin said that he is ready for a high level dialogue with Ukraine. Earlier, Ukrainian President Zelensky had sent a proposal for talks to Putin. He said that let’s talk.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that once the Ukrainian army surrenders, we are ready for talks. At the same time, he said that Russia wants to free Ukraine “from tyranny” so that the people of Ukraine can determine their future.

During a press conference in Moscow, the Russian capital, the Foreign Minister said that Russia cannot remain silent in such circumstances. We don’t see any opportunity right now to treat the government of Ukraine as a democratic government.

Russian army reached Kiev

At the same time, Russian soldiers have reached Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Russian soldiers have entered Kiev on the second day of the war. Earlier, the Ukrainian army blew up a bridge over the Tetriv river to stop them. The Ukrainian army took this step to prevent Russian tanks from entering.

Quoting Reuters, it has come to the fore that the authorities of Kiev have asked people to stay indoors. They have been asked to do so to avoid military operation. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has urged the European Union to impose tougher sanctions to increase pressure on Russia.

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