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Russian police officer’s mansion raided, officers surprised to see gold toilet

The officers who went to investigate the bribery scandal in Russia were surprised when a gold toilet and other luxury items were found in the huge mansion of the police officer.  The chief of the traffic police in the Stavropol area is accused of issuing fake licenses for business. It is said that a 45-year-old police officer along with 35 officers was running the mafia gang. He has been fired from his job after facing corruption case.

Officials who went to investigate bribery scandal in Russia shocked


During investigation, gold toilet, kitchen found in Vishal Haveli

The racket of the tainted officer was exposed after getting direct evidence of a bribe of two lakh pounds. The committee said that they conducted a search operation in the offices of the traffic police and recovered huge amount in the form of cash, expensive cars and documents. According to the law, a police officer can be jailed for 8 to 15 years if found guilty. One of his former officers was also included in the arrested accused. At present, the investigation is going on in the bribery case.

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