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Russian officer claims Ukraine was building missile system to deliver nuclear weapons

Amidst the ongoing war for the last 11 days, a Russian officer has made a big claim about Ukraine. According to him, Ukraine was actively engaged in the manufacture of nuclear explosive devices as well as possible means of supplying nuclear weapons. “Work was underway in the country to modernize existing ones and create new missiles that could be used as a means of delivering nuclear weapons,” the official told Russian media. Quoted by RT News, he insisted that at the same time Kyiv was working on joint projects with other countries.

In December 2013, Ukraine and Turkey agreed to cooperate in the missile sector. “The main role in this was to be played by the Ukrainian rocket and space enterprises Yuzmashzavod and the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, which had previously participated in the creation of the Soviet nuclear missile arsenal,” the official said. The main goal of such cooperation is the creation of a mobile complex armed with a solid ballistic missile with a range of up to 1,500 km.

War made 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, about 1.5 million people of Ukraine have taken refuge in other countries so far. These figures have been released by the United Nations. In the last 10 days, a large number of people have left their homes and are taking shelter in neighboring countries. Most of Ukraine’s refugees are estimated to reach Poland and Moldova. According to the President of Moldova, so far 2.50 lakh refugees from Ukraine have crossed the border into his country.

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