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Russian army reached the door of the capital Kiev

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine is now taking a dangerous turn. In fact, Russia says that Ukraine is not ready for talks, so it will launch an all-out attack. Meanwhile, Ukrainian security forces have issued a guide for civilians to defend the country and confuse the invading Russian military.

The security forces of Ukraine have also appealed to the residents from there to help them in this war. He said in the guidelines issued, ‘We NPU, NGU and other law enforcement agencies are ready to give our lives for your safety and Ukraine, but in this work the help of common people is very much needed. Is. That’s why you will help us so that together we can win this war. ,

Try to block the path of enemies

In the guidelines issued by the agency, it was said that if anyone sees a convoy of Russian army passing with a tank, then there will definitely be a petrol truck behind those tanks. Do whatever it takes to stop them from passing. He said that to stop the truck, you can fell the tree, or you can block the road by laying some kind of trap. If they do not have fuel, then they will not be able to use those tanks.

It was further said in the guide that if you see the army going towards the forest, then stop their path by falling trees on the road. He said that if you see an enemy convoy in the jungles and you are 100% sure that they are the enemy, then without thinking, set fire to the forests. If you have a tool that can spoil the road with it so that the enemies have trouble going through that path. Break down the stairs.

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