Russian actress Masha Mashkova condemns the words of her father, a supporter of Vladimir Putin

Comedian Vladimir Mashkov, seen in A new Russian Where Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, supports the military operation in Ukraine. He also asked his daughter to return to Russia in order to “fight the Ukrainian Nazis”.

For the Mashkovs, the war in Ukraine is a sensitive subject. At a large rally given on March 18 on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea by Russia, nearly 100,000 supporters of Vladimir Putin were present. On the central stage of the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, actor Vladimir Mashkov, seen in A new Russian Where Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocolmade a point of speaking out in favor of “special military operation” perpetrated in Ukraine. “We are Russians. We love our country. We are for a world without Nazism. We are for our army. For our president, he chanted.

Words strongly criticized by his daughter, Masha Mashkova. Contacted by CNNthe 36-year-old actress said she had spoken to her father on the phone the day before, claiming that he lived in a “different reality” of his. “What is happening right now is simply unthinkable, she confided. And the fact that so many Russians, including my father, believe that this violence is somehow justified, it breaks my heart.”.

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Now residing in the United States, Masha Mashkova reveals that her father gave her “asked to come back to Russia immediately, take my daughters with me, be a good Russian, ask forgiveness for this betrayal and be with the Russian people to help fight the Ukrainian Nazis”. This leads presenter Erin Burnett to ask him if the Russians were not unaware of what is happening in Ukraine, a reality masked by Kremlin propaganda. “I believe that unfortunately, yes”, confirmed the actress, disappointed.

Masha Mashkova thought he would be “easy” to distance oneself from the conflict. But his professional experience, spent between his native country and Ukraine, can only affect him. “I worked a lot in Russia and Ukraine. Last year I was in Kyiv […]. I have many friends and colleagues there. None of them hated me because I’m Russian and none of them asked to be saved by Putin.”.

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