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Russia-Ukraine dispute: US President Joe Biden will address the country after some time

Russia Ukraine Conflict: US President Joe Biden will address the country tonight at 11.30 pm (Indian time) amid the ongoing dispute between Russia-Ukraine. His address will be on the new step taken by Russia regarding Ukraine.

Let us tell you that the Russia-Ukraine dispute reached a climax when Russian President Vladimir Putin a day ago declared two Russian-backed separatist regions in eastern Ukraine – ‘Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic’ – into an “independent” country. has been recognized as Not only this, Putin has ordered Russian forces to “maintain peace” in the separatist regions of eastern Ukraine. This order is being seen as the deployment of Russian forces in both the areas.

The West says Putin’s moves in Ukraine have violated countless international agreements and that since words of diplomacy have failed, it is time to move to action.

Britain and Germany imposed sanctions
Germany took the first major step and started the process of stopping the certification process of ‘Nord Stream 2’ gas pipeline from Russia. It was a lucrative deal for Moscow and the US criticized Europe’s growing dependence on Russian energy supplies. British PM Boris Johnson has also announced sanctions for Russia. “The UK will impose sanctions on five Russian banks, three ‘high net worth individuals’ after the deployment of the Moscow military,” he said.

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