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Russia tests Earth’s fastest flying missile, tracking it won’t be easy

Russia is far ahead of other countries in the world in terms of weapons. Recently Russia successfully tested the fastest flying missile on Earth in its Northern Fleet Admiral Gorshkov frigate in the White Sea. This missile hit the target almost four and a half kilometers away. The purpose of this test was to intimidate America by showing its strategic strength from Moscow.

Moscow is currently testing modern weapons, including its air defense missile system. The Zircon missile strikes the enemy’s target at a speed of about 8 times faster than the speed of sound. This missile flies at the speed of Mach-8 i.e. 9 thousand 878 km per hour. If this missile is released from Moscow, it will attack in Los Angeles after about an hour.

The biggest feature of this missile is that it is not able to catch the enemy because there are two reasons behind it. First, its high speed and secondly it does not fly according to the fixed path ie trajectory. The Zircon missile moves its way towards the enemy. Therefore, his path is not known. The speed is so fast that even the target does not know.

On the lines of this missile, India’s BrahMos-2 missile is also being built. The Zircon missile is considered to be the weapon of choice for Vladimir Putin. It took only 4 minutes for this missile to reach its target in Barents Sea. Earlier in October, Russia tested the Zircon missile on Putin’s birthday. Earlier in January, the missile was successfully tested.

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