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Russia ready to reduce military attacks on Ukraine, but clarified that this is not a ceasefire

Russia Urkaine Conflict: Long talks between Russia and Ukraine took place in Turkey on Tuesday. After the talks, Russia talked about reducing attacks around Kyiv and northern Ukraine. After this, there was discussion in the media, social media and elsewhere that Russia has agreed to ceasefire. Now both the countries have agreed to ceasefire by agreement. In the midst of these reports, Moscow’s chief negotiator in peace talks has clarified that Russia’s promise to reduce military operations around Kyiv and northern Ukraine is not a ceasefire. For this, negotiations on a formal agreement with Kyiv have a long way to go.

signs of peace

Russian negotiators earlier on Tuesday pledged to reduce military activity around Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and the northern city of Chernihiv, in what is seen as the most tangible sign of progress towards a peace deal.

‘We wish that the struggle should be less’

Russian team chief Vladimir Medinsky told reporters after the meeting that, ‘this is not a ceasefire, but we wish that the conflict gradually subsides’. Medinsky said that Russia had taken another major step to de-escalate tensions by agreeing to a possible meeting of the presidents of the two countries. However, he said that there is still a long way to go to work out a mutually acceptable agreement from Russia to both sides.

The meeting of both the countries is going on in Turkey

Please tell that on the initiative of Turkey, peace talks have been called in Turkey from March 28 to 30 to end the war between the two countries. On March 28, nothing could be done, after that on March 29, once again the representatives of both the countries sat to hold talks. During this some things were agreed upon.

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