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Russia promised to open humanitarian corridors in Ukraine every day, but serious allegations against soldiers

Russia will open daily humanitarian corridors in Ukraine every day. This has been said in the report of The Kyiv Independent. According to the report, Russia has promised to open daily humanitarian corridors from 10 am every day but these corridors will be opened only for Russia (going). This would be done without the permission of the Ukrainian government. However, when Russia is making this promise, then it is also being accused of shelling in residential areas.

Russian soldiers accused of shelling in residential areas
More than two million people from Ukraine have taken refuge in other European countries after Russia’s invasion, and they have also gathered evidence for war crimes trials. The number of people crossing the country’s border also increased as Russian military offensives in the cities of Ukraine intensified. Ihor Dikov, who left Kyiv, said he had heard shots fired in residential areas and bodies were lying on the streets.

Dikov said, “Russia promised to provide a safe humanitarian corridor, but it did not do so. They are firing at unarmed people.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday that three evacuation corridors were built in the bombed areas, and a total of about 35,000 people were evacuated.

The International Organization for Migration has said at least one million people have been displaced within Ukraine amid a growing number of refugees.

India expelled its people from Ukraine
Three evacuation flights carrying the last batch of Indian nationals including about 600 students from Ukraine are scheduled to reach India on Friday morning. People related to this incident gave this information. India has already brought back 17,000 Indians under ‘Operation Ganga’. Now these three flights are likely to be the last flights on the evacuation mission.

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