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Russia is attacking hospitals in Ukraine, Zelensky said – the world is watching ‘genocide’

It’s been a month since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, and during this time Russian forces have attacked Ukrainian hospitals, ambulances, doctors, patients and even newborns. The Associated Press has independently observed at least 34 such attacks. Responding to these attacks, the President of Ukraine said that the world is watching these attacks, it is a genocide.

With each new attack, there is growing demand for war crimes trials against Russian President Vladimir Putin, his general and top Kremlin (Russian presidential office) advisers. In order to convict them, prosecutors must show that the attacks were not merely accidents or damage caused.

America wants to surround Russia with war crimes cases

Ryan Goodman, a professor of law at New York University and former special counsel for the US Department of Defense, said the modus operandi of the attacks would help prosecutors make the case that they were intentional attacks. He said prosecutors would draw conclusions from how many hospitals were targeted, how many times private facilities were targeted repeatedly and over what period.

Deliberate attacks on hospitals will be a top priority for war crime prosecutors. At the same time, in the midst of this war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has appealed to Russia to negotiate again to end the war, but he also made it clear that Ukraine will not agree to give up any of its territories for peace.

Russian army focusing on the liberation of Donbass

Zelensky appeared to respond to Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi, the deputy chief of the Russian General Staff, in his video address to the nation on Friday night. Rudskoi said that the Russian army would now focus on the main goal of the liberation of the Donbass.

Russia-backed separatists have controlled part of eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region since 2014, and Russian forces have been battling to take control of more territory from Ukraine, including the city of Mariupol. Lost soldiers but still he is not able to capture Kyiv or Kharkiv.

In the midst of the war, Russia got the support of Belgorod city, adjacent to the Ukraine border, know why the ‘Z’ mark is being put on the vehicles

Today, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet NSA Doval and S Jaishankar, the first visit to India after the Galwan conflict


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