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Russia furious over Joe Biden’s statement, summoned US ambassador to a stern warning, know what he said

Russia is continuously bombing and missile attacks on Ukraine. Because of this, thousands of Ukrainian citizens have been killed and most of the cities of Ukraine have been completely destroyed. America is taking a very aggressive stance on Russia’s attack and is continuously making sharp statements. Recently, US President Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin a ‘war criminal’. Russia is furious over Biden’s statement. The tension between the two countries is increasing continuously.

Russia protested on this matter by summoning the US ambassador on Monday. Russia’s foreign ministry said, “Such a statement by the US President has put Russian-American relations on the verge of collapse.” Ambassador John Sullivan was handed a formal letter of protest over the “unacceptable statement” made by Biden, the statement said. The ministry said it was warned that “hostile actions against Russia will receive a decisive response.”

Russia is constantly bombing Ukraine. Now the fight has become even more terrifying. Russia is firing hypersonic missiles at Ukraine. So far more than 10 million people of Ukraine have taken refuge in other countries as refugees. Whereas thousands of people have lost their lives due to the war. Thousands of soldiers of Russia and Ukraine have also been killed in the conflict so far and there is no sign of stopping the war at the moment. There have been talks between the two countries many times but till now no result has come out.

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