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Russia fired missiles at Ukrainian military bases within 24 hours of the agreement

Russia-Ukraine War: Amidst the war between Ukraine and Russia, the two countries have signed an important agreement in Turkey, under which food grains will be exported from Ukraine through the Black Sea. After this important decision, millions of tonnes of grain lying in Ukraine during the ongoing war between the two countries can be exported. But a day after the agreement, Russian soldiers fired missiles at the same military bases in Ukraine from where the grain was to be sent. Along with this, Ukraine has said that how can we trust.

Both the countries had signed an important agreement

According to the agreement between the two countries, Russia has said that it will not attack cargo ships carrying grain by sea. He will also not attack those ports from where food grains are being supplied. Ukraine has also agreed to accept some conditions. Under this, it will have to allow inspection of ships carrying food supplies. During the investigation, it will be seen whether weapons are being supplied through them.

Russia attacked, Zelensky said – can’t believe

Russian Defense Ministry officials said on Sunday that only military bases were targeted in an airstrike on Ukraine’s Odessa port. Moscow’s attack comes a day after Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement to resume grain exports from the port. Russia’s foreign ministry said on Sunday that Ukraine’s president said the attacks showed Moscow could not be trusted.

US sent Harpoon missile destroyed

Ukraine said that, “A Ukrainian warship and a warehouse were destroyed in an attack by precision-guided long-range missiles at a shipyard area at the port in the city of Odessa, where the US destroyer Harpoon missiles sent to Kyiv Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a televised address on Saturday evening that the attack on Odessa had put an end to talks with Russia.

Missile fell on grain warehouse

Ukraine’s military said on Saturday that Moscow attacked the port of Odessa with four cruise missiles, two of which were shot down by Ukraine’s air defense system. Command spokeswoman Natalia Humenyuk said no grain storage facilities were affected. Turkey’s defense minister, however, said he had received news from Ukrainian officials that one missile hit a grain warehouse, while another hit near it, but cargo loading facilities at the Odessa port were not affected.

Russia and Ukraine signed similar agreements with the United Nations and Turkey in Istanbul on Friday, aimed at paving the way for exports of millions of tons of Ukrainian grain as well as Russian grain and fertiliser.

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