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Russia brought this dangerous weapon in the war with Ukraine

Ukraine Russia War: So far, more than one weapon has been shown to be used in the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukraine has also accused Russia of using vacuum and cluster bombs. At the same time, Russia’s anti-tank mine has been found in Ukraine. Experts say, when triggered, the PTKM-1R Top-Attack Mine Ghatak is launched into the air before attacking.

It is said that the sensor installed in the mine recognizes the sound of the moving vehicle and matches it with its target list. It has been claimed by Ukraine that a mine was seen in a field on 26 April. According to a report, when the target comes within an area of ​​100 meters around the mine, the four-directional acoustic sensor and seismic sensor are activated. After which it takes off on its flight.

This is how it attacks the target

Experts say, once the mine sets its target, it makes an angle of 30 degrees. On approaching the target, a 2.81 kg explosive warhead is launched to a height of about 100 feet in the air and then a metal ball from the warhead fires at the target.

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