Russia blocks Instagram, first move against Big Tech?

The Russian government says it is blocking Instagram to protest the policies that Meta applies in the country.

On Friday (March 11), the Russian government said it would block the popular social networking app Instagram, and take further action against Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The reason given is that Facebook did not restrict language in posts deemed inappropriate for Russia. Previously, Russia blocked Facebook, which has a much smaller number of users in the country than WhatsApp or Instagram. However, Russia’s Internet regulator did not extend the blocking rule to Instagram or WhatsApp.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri shared on Twitter that Instagram has 80 million users in Russia, those users will be “separated” from the rest of the world, as about 80% of people in Russia follow the account. Instagram accounts outside of their home country.

In fact, in the past, Facebook has been criticized for having inconsistent rules. The world’s most-user social network made exceptions to the hate speech rules for some world leaders but never made it clear which leaders were the exception or why. star.

History continues as a Facebook content moderator recently revealed new guidelines showing Facebook decided to break its own rules to allow some calls to bring up violent language. Russian state.

Thai Hoang(According to TWP)

The Internet has become a fierce front in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The Internet has become a fierce front in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

In Europe’s first major armed conflict since World War II, the Internet is becoming a fierce front for information warfare and mass intelligence.


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