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Russia at the forefront of the world in hypersonic missile technology

Russia Hypersonic Missiles: Discussions are going on around the world regarding new technology of weapons. Meanwhile, Russia claims that it is at number one in the world in terms of hypersonic missile technology. President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is at the forefront of hypersonic missile technology in the world. He believes that Russia has established itself as a global leader in new weapons technology.

Russia at the forefront of hypersonic missile technology!

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that no country can compete with him in hypersonic technology. Although President Putin also said that Russia and America have almost similarities, but Russia is still a global leader in advanced development. In part of the documentary called Russia New History, President Putin said that Russia is also number one in upgrading its conventional weapons. The President said that other world powers will have similar hypersonic weapons technology in the future.

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Hypersonic cruise missile power

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month that the test of Russia’s Zircon hypersonic cruise missile was nearing completion and deliveries to the Navy would begin in 2022. Hypersonic missiles have a very high speed. They can travel more than five times the speed of sound in the upper atmosphere, or about 6,200 km/h (3,850 mph). In such a situation, it is very difficult to track and intercept them.

Russia and America’s military spending

According to media reports, Russia’s military expenditure is much less than that of America. According to World Bank data, Russia spent $62 billion on military spending in 2020, while the United States spent $778 billion. US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall reported last month that the United States and China were in an arms race to develop the deadliest hypersonic weapon.

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