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Russia asks China for weapons to use in attack on Ukraine, claims US official

Washington: A US official has said that Russia has asked China for military equipment to be used in the attack on Ukraine. His request has raised tensions over the war in the wake of Monday’s meeting in Rome between top US aides and the Chinese government.

Ahead of the talks, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan openly warned China not to help Russia avoid global sanctions. These global sanctions have affected the economy of Russia. “We will not let this happen,” he said.

China’s financial aid to Russia causes trouble for Biden
China’s offering of financial aid to Russia is one of many concerns of President Joe Biden. On the condition of confidentiality, a US official said that in recent days Russia has asked China for military equipment and other help. The news in this regard was first reported by the Financial Times and The Washington Post.

The Biden administration also accused China of spreading misinformation about Russia that could be an excuse for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military to attack Ukraine with chemical or biological weapons. Biden administration officials say Beijing is propagating Russia’s false claims that Ukraine is running chemical and biological weapons laboratories with the help of the US.

China said there is no limit to friendship with Russia
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put China in a state of tension with its two biggest trading partners, the US and the European Union. China needs access to these markets but has shown support for Moscow as well. He has said that his friendship with Russia has “no boundaries”.

In talks with China’s senior foreign policy adviser Yang Jiechi, Sullivan will certainly discuss the extent to which Beijing will help Moscow. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Monday, without giving details, that “the situation in Ukraine will certainly be a matter of discussion” at the meeting.

Asked about Russia’s request for help, Zhao told a regular news conference, “The US has recently been running a campaign of false information targeting China on the Ukraine issue. This is malicious. Now the most important thing is that all the parties should exercise restraint and try to reduce the tension. Instead of increasing tension, we should promote diplomatic dialogue.

Making brief remarks on the talks, China’s Foreign Ministry, without mentioning Ukraine, said, “The main issue of this meeting is to implement the important consensus reached at the virtual conference of the heads of state of China and the US last November.”

“They will discuss China-US relations and international and regional issues of mutual interest,” Zhao said in a statement posted on the ministry’s website late Sunday. Russia will focus on the direct impact of the war.

Sullivan is also expected to meet with Luigi Mattiolo, the diplomatic adviser to Italian Prime Minister Maria Draghi, in Rome.

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