Run online exam, watch youtube release the gas with HDY package of MobiFone

In order to support runners across the country in the “Head to 2021” online running competition, which is entering the sprint stage, MobiFone launched the HDY MobiFone package with a bonus of 3GB of high speed data for internet access.

Jogging for public health

In recent years, the running movement has flourished across the country with many running tournaments held. The image of running of many people has become a familiar image every morning or evening in cities and rural areas.

According to experts, maintaining regular jogging not only helps to have a good shape but also helps to burn excess fat in the body, helping the body to be healthy and firm.

Not only that, regular jogging also helps to stabilize the heart. Jogging raises blood pressure and increases HDL cholesterol. Thereby improving blood sugar, helping to reduce the likelihood of diseases related to the heart up to 45%.

In addition, regular jogging helps you be mentally comfortable, reducing stress. Experts say that when the mood is compressed, one hour of exercise is three times better than taking a break. Jogging is the ideal way to release all anxiety and stress.

Over the past year, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s running habits have also changed markedly. Along with the social outlays and the restriction of crowds, forms of running online through smart applications have been formed. Since then, online competitions have been opened to meet the needs of conquering the milestones of runers.

Understanding the importance of health when participating in campaign competitions and ensuring gap in anti-epidemic time, Mobifone has developed a project and organized an online running tournament “Head to 2021” with the aim of bringing The playground aims to connect the community, improve the spirit of training the health of each individual and the people of Vietnam for a better life.

Many attractive technology gifts

To have the opportunity to own attractive prizes and gifts, Head to 2021 participants only need to do 3 steps:

Firstly, each individual can equip themselves with a mobile device (smartwatch, smartphone) that can connect / sync with Strava software … or install the Strava app on the smartphone. After that, register on the online system to record the results (details of the registration steps will be attached with instructions). Third, participating in the contest via the Strava app from December 16 to December 31, 2020 divided into 3 stages: December 16 – December 20, 20 – December 25, 2020, December 26 – 30, 2020.

Participants can run anywhere, at any time just recording their results on their personal phones via Strava sports software.

The representative of the organizers said that the program is only applicable to running outdoors, not accepting running results indoors, on machines or walking.

Run online exam, watch youtube release the gas with HDY package of MobiFone

In each leg, athletes need to fulfill 2 conditions: individuals running at least 2,021 km / day (minimum 1 km / time, the number of times can be accumulated). And individuals taking selfies with MobiFone brand (places with MobiFone images appear such as stores, agents … or items with MobiFone logo) with hashtag # headto2021MobiFone at least 1 time / leg, maintaining continuous leg.

This online running prize has a total prize value of up to 600 million VND with a diverse prize structure such as: Airpods Pro, cash voucher to buy Suunto Salomon watches worth 2 million VND; Salomon Sonic Ra running shoes worth 3.3 million VND; Agile Jacket Salomon sports jacket worth 2.4 million VND; 10 special prizes with Garmin Vivomove Luxe health monitoring bracelets, White Leather with 24K True Gold Hardware worth 12.99 million VND with program T-shirts, MobiFone thermos cups.

Details of instructions at:

Watch youtube “release gas” with HDY package

Continuing with the series of activities for the community, MobiFone is offering many attractive incentives for customers when registering a new HDY MobiFone package. According to MobiFone, this is a package with preferential 100% of data to access Youtube which is preferred by many subscribers today.

With the syntax DV8 HDY sent to 9084, customers only need to spend 100 thousand VND to experience Youtube, K + “drop gas”, and get 3GB of high-speed data for internet access.

HDY package applies to all prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers of MobiFone. In addition, if your subscriber is using one 3G MobiFone package or any other 4G MobiFone package, they can all register to use HDY MobiFone package in parallel.

From the reality of the unpredictable development of Covid-19 over the past year, Mobifone, with a series of services accompanying customers and the community, has aimed to set the safety and benefits of the community. top.

Some activities accompanying the anti-epidemic society that MobiFone has implemented include: giving packages to doctors, doctors, frontline epidemic prevention staff; gift packages for pupils and students; increase the capacity 3-4 times at social isolation points; support free 4G SIM replacement at home.



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