Rugby tackles should be banned for minors, study finds

A group of British academics advocates a ban on tackles in rugby among minors, to avoid serious injuries to the head. This Friday, December 18, researchers called on Boris Johnson’s government to intervene.

Serge Simon, rugby player: “We can laugh at the Covid, without laughing at him”

“We are concerned that by failing to act to protect children from tackles in school play and leaving rugby governing bodies to decide what information to collect, when they ask for it, UK government puts children at significant risk ”, say researchers from the universities of Oxford Brookes, Newcastle and Winchester, in an open letter to the health authorities of the four nations of the United Kingdom.

“It is now well established that young players under the age of 18 are particularly vulnerable to concussion injuries due to the development and dynamic neurophysiological state of the adolescent brain.”, underline these academics. “In Argentina, Maradona arouses a visceral identification within the popular classes”

An inquiry that comes in the midst of a debate on the prevention and treatment of concussions in professional rugby.

Former pro players injured

Eight former players with dementia, including England and Welsh internationals, are demanding millions of pounds in damages from rugby authorities, before possible collective legal action. Including hooker Steve Thompson, who said he didn’t “No memory of winning the World Cup in 2003 or of being in Australia for the tournament”.

“In the last few weeks we have heard the terrible news from former professional players who are suffering from the effects of concussions and under concussions on their brains”, recalls Adam White, professor of sport and training science at Oxford Brookes. “Now we must do all we can to protect our children from the same mistakes. “

In football, restrictions have been put in place to prevent children aged 11 and under from playing with their heads during training in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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