Roxana Maracineanu “outraged” by the sexist and homophobic banners of PSG supporters

The banners of football supporters are talking about them again. This Monday, September 14, the Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, said “Shocked” and “Indignant” by the sexist and homophobic banners of the Parisian supporters before the PSG-OM meeting, by making the link with the incidents on the ground, where the referee distributed five red cards.

“What happened outside was also of a nature, I have the impression, to heat the spirits on the grounds, we saw it [dimanche] with a distribution of boxes that we have never seen in such a match ”, lamented the minister, on the sidelines of a visit to a Parisian school. She called for ” the responsibility “ players, coaches, clubs and authorities.Why the issue of homophobia in stadiums has turned into a dialogue of the deaf

On Sunday, the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP), the main group of PSG fans, posted on Twitter in the morning two photos of sexist and homophobic banners, deployed in front of the Parc des Princes and on the Bir-Hakeim bridge, in front of the Eiffel Tower.

On one, we could read “PSG-OM: 9 years of sodomy in an organized gang”. The other attacked Marseille player Dimitri Payet and his wife.

“If it is for sport to resume like that …”

“I was completely shocked to see this outside. I have always said that, in a stadium, there could not be things that are not acceptable outside and there, today, it is outside the stadium that the supporters deploy the banners. . I find it shameful, I am outraged by this kind of behavior ”, said Roxana Maracineanu, who had herself put the subject back on the table in March 2019, already after a “clasico” PSG-OM where she attacked the songs assimilating the Marseillais to ” some rats “, “Queers” or some “Motherfuckers”.

Homophobia in football: “We went from ‘nobody says anything’ to ‘we have to stop everything'”

“I just wanted to tell everyone that we are fighting, we are thinking, we are working with sports bodies to be able to put in place protocols so that sport can resume in France. If it’s for him to resume like that, frankly… ”, Roxana Maracineanu continued on Monday.

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