Room for heat shock when children play outside on a hot day

Do not let children operate for a long time in very hot weather; should cover the umbrella, wear a hat when out in the sun; wear airy, light-colored clothes… to prevent heat shock.

Besides, it is necessary for children to drink enough water, drink many times during the activity, do not drink for a while and remember to bring enough water when going far in case of traffic jams in the sun, said Dr. Department of Internal Medicine 1, Children’s Hospital 2, advises.

According to the British doctor, children suffer from heat stroke when they are active and playing continuously in high temperature environments, may not be provided with enough water and wear many clothes. Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition where the body’s temperature rises too high, above 40 degrees Celsius. This can damage the central nervous system and other body tissues, and is a medical emergency. .

Some of the signs that a child has heat stroke are feeling tired, headache, thirsty, exhausted, or maybe having leg and back cramps in older children. Specifically, the symptoms of heat exhaustion in children are thirst, body temperature rises above 39.5 degrees Celsius (must measure rectal temperature) or higher but no sweat; hot, red, dry skin; fast heartbeat, restlessness, confusion, disorientation; dizziness, headache; vomiting, rapid breathing, fatigue, cramps, lethargy or coma.

The doctor recommends that if a child has heat stroke, parents need to calm down to have a timely treatment. Take the child out of the high temperature environment to a shaded place, remove clothing. You can apply a cool towel to the child or even pour water on him and then give him water to drink. Note, drink water without alcohol, caffeine or stimulants. Children should be taken to medical facilities for cardiopulmonary resuscitation when the child is not awake and not breathing.

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