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Rocket attack on Kabul’s power plant, Taliban conspiracy to throw whole Afghanistan into ‘dark’?

Kabul: After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, the situation there is deteriorating continuously. The capital, Kabul, remains the most disturbed. Within a month, 2 major rocket attacks were carried out in Kabul. Not long after the terrorist attack on Kabul airport, a similar scene was seen in the sky of Kabul on Thursday night.

IS-Khorasan behind the attack? 
Taliban fighters are illiterate, 99 percent of fighters have neither knowledge of technology nor experience. After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, there were many such pictures, seeing that it was seen that someone had given a razor in the hands of the Taliban. By the way, this is not the first time that such rocket attacks have taken place in the capital Kabul. Earlier on August 26, there was a terrorist attack on Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan. 13 American soldiers and more than 100 people died in this attack. At that time the responsibility of the attack was taken by ISIS-K. On August 30, about five rockets were fired again at Kabul Airport, but they were destroyed in the air by the missile defense system of the US Army. 

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